Hello, my name is…


If you’ve stubbled upon this blog and don’t have a clue what is going on, allow me to introduce myself. Hi. I’m Delecta…I love Jesus, my cute family, great food, good coffee, pretty things that sparkle, crafting, traveling, and the list goes on.  A little over three years ago, I got a call from my husband who was on his way to work informing me that he was quitting his job. He decided to make his dream a reality and start a company of his own called, Anchor Bat Company. We basically sold everything we had, became a one car family, and started eating at home more. It wasn’t a blast, but I am proud to say that we now make wooden baseball bats. How cool is that? It hasn’t been easy but it’s so inspiring to watch him make it happen.

We get to travel a lot with the business and I am a firm believer that every trip should be built around the best food in that area. …that’s exactly how this blog came about, great food! I will be sharing tips from my personal experiences of traveling, where to visit, where to stay when you get there and definitely the food that you cannot pass up on your stay.  We do travel a ton but it’s always nice finding our way back home to Greenville, SC. Here, you can find all of the things mentioned above, the best places to stay, and the foods that no human should ever pass up so I will be sharing my thoughts on the hidden gems of my area too.

To be honest, this blog will be used to document our day to day life for personal use too but if you find it interesting, we welcome you to join in on the ride.  Buckle up…

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