I would be ashamed to tell you how many hours I’ve spent on Youtube lately watching makeup tutorials. I am obsessed! I literally cannot stop myself. I find myself even watching the really weird ones that no one in their right mind would wear outside of their front door but I’m completely mesmerized. Here’s the problem with watching makeup tutorials online, they make you want everything in the tutorial. Can I just tell you now that you can purchase every single thing they use in the tutorial, watch step by step so closely and you will still not end up looking like them. I don’t know how it happens? My friend sent me this the other day and this is legit me after watching a tutorial on contouring.


I should’ve started this post off by stating that I am NOT a professional and you may find my opinions useless and that is totally cool, most of the time I find my thoughts useless too. Honestly, I’ve never really been a diva in the cosmetic area of my life, other areas, absolutely, but not makeup. I’ve been purchasing the majority of my cosmetics, outside of foundation, from the Target dollar spot for years. I cannot believe that I just confessed that. Real life, I think makeup is so overpriced and until now, really didn’t think that there was that much of a difference between good ole cheapies and professional products. I’m going to be straight up right now and let you know that there is a huge difference between cheap makeup and professional cosmetics. Since my obsession with Youtube tutorials began a few weeks ago, I have splurged and purchased some of what I’ve found to be the “must haves” for your cosmetic bag.

First things first, I have to pay homage to the best of the best. If you know me at all, you know my love for coconut oil and that still remains, it will always and forever be my first love. I use coconut oil for everything!

  • S K I N : I have the skin of an alligator, dry and scaly. I keep coconut oil in our shower and use it on the daily. While skin is still damp, apply coconut oil liberally and air dry. That may be a little TMI but it’s the best way for the oil to moisturize.
  • H A I R : My hair is even more dry than my skin if you can imagine. My hairstylist and one of the best of friends told me once that she could blow on it and it may fall off. Isn’t she sweet? I apply to dry hair, I mean a ton of the oil, just slather that junk on, cover with a shower cap, then, go to sleep and dream of the moisturized hair you’ll have in the morning. If you don’t want to sleep in it, you could just let it sit for 20 minutes then shampoo out twice and condition as usual.

S K I N C A R E : I’ve used tons of expensive skin care but I love my $4 face wash and coconut oil better than anything I’ve tried. I use Purpose face wash and then I apply a small amount of coconut oil while my face is still damp. P.S. – I cannot afford R + F so no need to send info.

Like I mentioned earlier, my skin is extremely dry so the same products that I use may not be the best products for you but if you have dry skin, you will want to read the next part.

*What you can find in my cosmetic bag:

  1. Primer – every beauty vlogger that I have watched lately swears by Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm for Sensitive Skin as a primer. The reason being that the second ingredient listed on the ingredients label is glycerin. On freshly washed and dried face, rub the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm in a circular motion all over the face until it becomes “tacky” to touch.
  2. Foundation – I make a little “foundation cocktail” on the back of my hand, mixing:
  3. ConcealerUrban Decay Naked Skin Concealer aka the greatest concealer ever created! Apply after foundation under eyes, eye lids, lower part of the forehead, corners of the nose, and the cupids bow. Blend with a beauty blender.
  4. Translucent Powder – use the translucent powder over the areas where you applied concealer to avoid creasing.
  5. Brow pencil – with any brow pencil of your choice, outline and fill in brows, always.
  6. Blush – any blush of your choice. I recently purchased a professional blush after using cheap blush for years and I can tell a HUGE difference! The pigment in professional blush is unbelievable.
  7. Highlighting Powder – if I could, I would use the Becca highlighting powder but it was limited edition and I didn’t get it in time. I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinsh – Soft and Gentle and it works well too. I apply a small amount of the powder to the cheek bone right under the eyes and right above the brow bone. This gives the luminous and dewy look to the skin.
  8. Eye Shadow – ok, I was sitting across the table enjoying a coffee with that same sweet friend and hairstylist one day and noticed how amazing her eyes looked. She told me about the new MAC Burgundy x 9 palette. I didn’t get it immediately because if you shop at MAC often, you know that you have to sell a kidney to purchase a palette. A few months later I asked her to use it on me to see if it would look good on my eyes and I fell in love. I will say this about the price, you are getting 9 shadows, so there is that. I’m loving the warm burgundy tones for this time of year. Anyone else feel like a 10 year old when they walk up to the MAC counter? The people that work there are so intimidating to me. Don’t even ask about application because I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to shadow application and it’s never ever the same twice. You’d never know that I went to school for this!!!
  9. Eye Liner – no other liner exists in my life other than the Urban Decay Perversion liner. Hate the name but love the liner. I use a small flat eye liner brush to soften the look of the liner because it is a little too dramatic for me without it.
  10. Eye Lash Primer – I went in to Sephora one day and when the girl asked me what I needed help with I told her that I wanted to look like I was wearing false lashes without having to wear false lashes. I have the smallest, shortest and lightest lashes ever…sometimes I cry about it. Ok, I don’t cry but I do long for gorgeous lashes! The girl suggested that I use a primer so I that’s what I did. I purchased the Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer and it is amazing! I don’t know what it does and I don’t care what it does as long as it keeps making me look like I finally have lashes!
  11. Mascara – I have used every drug store mascara ever created but I finally splurged after reading a bazillion reviews. I ended up going with the Too Faced…I can’t even type the name without blushing so I will let you just click on the link to see what it’s called. I LOVE THIS MASCARA! This is the first mascara I’ve ever noticed a difference with. It really is great.
  12. Lips – my favorite nude lip is a gloss by Revlon in shade 215 and my favorite color this season is Mac’s Rebel.
  13. Setting Spray – there are so many types of setting sprays but if you want a dewy skin look, go for the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist. This is the very last step in your makeup process, spray over the entire face.

You are not going to want to run out and purchase all of this at one time, I mean, unless you won that 1.5 billion in last week’s lottery drawing. Wowza at the money we spend on painting our faces. The craziest thing is that Matthew always says that he likes it better when I’m not wearing makeup. What?!? I’ve accidentally looked in the mirror without makeup and caught a glimpse of myself and it was terrifying! When I don’t wear makeup out in public and I happen to see people I know, I’m always asked if I’m feeling well. I’m not even making this up, happens every time!

If you decide to try a product or two off of this list, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I love hearing from you guys.




2 thoughts on “F A C E P A I N T I N G

  1. This is great! I feel like we are soul sisters, I’m the exact same way! Went to cosmetology school and never quite got the hang of it and never could justify spending the money when I had no idea what was going on. But then something happened, I found Sephora and actually tried a few professional products and it was like something clicked! I wanted to learn more about makeup so I could use all the pretty things!! Unfortunately, a vast majority of my fun budget goes to makeup…but on a daily basis I rarely wear half of the things I buy! But when I do go for it, I love it because the quality of the makeup really shines!

    In my makeup bag now:
    Face cleanser: Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. Gentle and refreshing and (kinda) hydrating. I love it. Moisturizer is L’Occitane 5% Shea Butter Comfort Cream. I have dry skin too and this cream is like heaven on earth. I got it when I worked there and fell in love, I would have no problem shelling out the $28 for it. It’s so good.

    Foundation: most days I don’t wear any. But if I’m having a weird skin day, I use Kat Von D lock it tattoo liquid foundation. Moisturizing in a good way and flawless coverage. Best with a primer but I never use one (though now I’m gonna have to try that men’s balm primer trick!)

    Mascara: Bare Minerals. I forgot what it’s called but I use the espresso color for a softer look. And my eyes are on the green side so the brown kinda jazzes the peepers up. I have hooded eyes and mascara notoriously smudges all over my face during the day, but this one does it the least of all. I wanted to love Perversion, but it just made me look too crackhead raccoon. Not the look I’m going for.

    Blush/highlighter/contour: Sephora brand has THE BEST little trio of blush/hi-lite/contour in different tones to suit different skin tones. I love it and probably use way too much blush and highlighter but YOLO. But contouring never quite works for me, I just end up looking dirty. So I skip that part.

    Brows: angles brush and Urban Decay Secret Service eyeshadow. I have to draw mine on, since it’s really just a curly mess of three eyebrow hairs. Why me?

    Eyes: I rarely use anything other than mascara but when I do, I always go for a Tarte palette. They are always beautiful on the outside and I love the colors on the inside. My two MUST HAVE eyeshadow palettes are the Tarte be MATTEnificent matte shadow palette and the Tarte energy noir clay palette. Gorgeous and perfect for every look I want to create. I love me some cool berry tones.

    Lips: love cool tones here too, especially sheer berry lips. Current favorite: Lipstick Queen in Frog Prince. It’s clever and beautiful and I love the sheer moisturizing coverage. Also enjoying the Kat Von D studded kiss line. I once ate a burrito and still had perfect lips afterward. I kid you not. NYX Snow White is my favorite red.

    Yay makeup!! It’s so fun!!

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