Winter Wonderland

When you hear the meteorologist say the word, “snow,” do you roll your eyes in disbelief? Head out for milk and bread? Maybe you start looking for those snow bibs? I’ll tell you what I do, I make our snow day essentials list and I’m at the grocery store before they can say the word “accumulation!” Even if not one flake falls, we have enough junk food to last a month so either way, it’s a win.

Winter Storm Jonas dropped more inches of snow at our house than the brothers dropped hit songs…six inches of snow to be exact. It is beautiful and I may or may not have squealed like a kid in a candy store when the flakes started falling. There are so many reasons why Greenville, South Carolina is the greatest place to live but one of my favorites is that we get a good snow a year, we get to look at the beauty, have a day or two off from school and then it goes away and doesn’t come back for a year.  Perfect!

So, back to that list of Snow Day Essentials…

*Things we can’t live without on a snow day:

  1. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows  – number one on our list at The Rollins house is most definitely hot chocolate! Even if I forgot everything else on the list, at least we would have the most important snow day staple, hot chocolate. When I say hot chocolate, I don’t mean just any hot chocolate, I mean Williams and Sonoma Hot Chocolate, which by the way is on clearance right now so you better go snag some before it’s all gone!!! When it comes to marshmallows, all three of us are different, Matthew likes just a couple of the standard size mallows in his but I find that extremely boring, MC likes one Peep depending on the occasion, and I like the jumbo campfire mallow that covers the entire mug. Williams and Sonoma has some awesome marshmallows too so while you’re loading up on their clearance chocolate, snag some of the mallows too (also on clearance)!IMG_0494
  2. White Chicken Chili – in a world of bazillions of chili recipes, this is by far number one in our book. You can find the recipe here and you should go ahead and double that recipe and even that won’t be nearly enough.IMG_0496
  3. Belgian Waffles – if you don’t have a Belgian waffle maker, this recipe may not be helpful but if you do, this is amazing! If you don’t own a waffle maker, pancakes on a snow day are always a good alternative…or cinnamon rolls, or homemade biscuits, ok, I will stop now.
  4. Snacks – my momma’s “doughnuts” are one the favorites at this house. They are so easy and so good.FullSizeRender
    • My Momma’s “Doughnuts”:
    • Ingredients –
      • 1 can of pillsbury biscuits
      • oil
      • sugar
    • Directions –
      • Cut center out of biscuits with a hole cutter. Heat oil on high, put biscuits in oil then immediately turn oil down to medium. Keep turning the biscuits until golden in color on both sides. Drain on rack then toss in sugar. Done.
  5. Movies – Movies are a must because snow days in the south means that you’ll be stuck indoors for a few days. There is no place on Earth that I would rather be than home, we are all three homebodies. Even though we travel so often, we always look forward to being home together.  Just like the marshmallows, our taste in movies is also wildly different. Now, you know that I could watch Mr. Darcy win the heart of Miss Elizabeth any day of the week, but for some reason Matthew doesn’t enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice seven days a week or even one for that matter. Rude! So, we compiled our snow day family favorites and Harry Potter always tops our list. When Matthew and I were first married, we lived in the lofts downtown and one year a crazy ice storm came through and we could not get out for a week, it was insane. Thankfully we didn’t lose power so we watched a ton of television. The Christmas before Matthew was gifted the Harry Potter DVD series and I remember him opening it and thinking that he would never watch it. We got them out that day and back to back, for hours and hours, we watched the entire series and it was the best day. So, Harry Potter is our go-to Snow Day favorite. Others that are included in our list: Chronicles of Narnia, Despicable Me, Frozen (obvi), Cool Runnings and The Holiday (for when MC falls asleep).
  6. Blankets – a lot of you have asked about the blush colored throw that was used in our hot chocolate pic. I purchased it a year or two ago and it’s made by Lauren Conrad (who else) and originally sold at Kohls. It isn’t sold in stores anymore but I did find it online here.  If you want something warmer, let me tell you about the greatest throw blanket ever created and perfect for a snow day. Picture this, throw blanket size, and HEATED! We purchased two of these for Christmas gifts for family this year and I really want one for myself. You can find all of the deets here.IMG_0374
  7. Snow Clothes – Ok, South Carolina doesn’t have a huge selection of snow clothes for obvious reasons, but as long as you have a good coat, stocking cap, waterproof boots and gloves, you’ll be set. I love all things Jillian Harris and when she posted these boots that were on sale, I had to have them. This was the first snow day that I ever had waterproof boots to wear and it was such a different experience. Once my feet get wet, it’s time for me to go inside. I was out with my people today for hours and my feet were completely dry when I went in. I purchased mine from Urban Outfitters on mega sale before Christmas and you should also note that you will need to order a whole size larger than you typically wear because they run super small! Highly recommend these for women and MC’s boots came from Gap Kids a year ago and they are no longer sold online but I’ll bet if you do some digging, you can find some similar.IMG_0501
  8. Sled – If you used your sled for a Christmas decoration and then you store it away with the other decorations and realize it AFTER the snow has already fallen, you make do with what you have. Today, it was a drop cord and an inflatable dolphin pool float. Redneck but awesome!

Wow, what a couple of days we’ve had!!! I’d love to hear how you spent yours so do share in the comments below.




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