Anchors “Aweigh”


Matthew and I went on our first date, August 31, 2002 and our second, two days later. I didn’t know one thing about him, but as we sat on our second date, he told me all about the plans he had for his life, the baseball life. I remember telling him that night that I couldn’t marry a baseball player. I had plans for my life too and being a trophy wife wasn’t part of those plans. I mean, me on a red carpet…

“Who are you wearing?”

Me: Mossimo

Even though our future plans for life differed dramatically, I think we both knew on that second date that we would be married. Nine months later, we were Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rollins and heading for the baseball life. The Lord had a bigger plan for us and for years we couldn’t see the reason but Tuesday night, it was so clear that what The Lord had planned all along was so much more beautiful than anything we could’ve dreamed. Like a parent dedicates a child to The Lord, to raise that child in a way that would honor and glorify Him, Tuesday night, we dedicated Anchor Bat Company to Him.

Three years ago, as we set out to make a dream in to a reality, many people thought that we had lost our minds; that we were crazy. They were right. We were just crazy enough to believe that if we trusted The Lord and were faithful in using this business for His glory, that with His help, we could actually pull this thing off. We have the greatest friends in the world and we are so blessed with their support throughout this journey. Tuesday, our closest friends and family gathered around and prayed specifically for the company, the wood, the young men who would hold an Anchor in their hands, that lives are transformed and that The Lord receives all glory and honor for it all. It was amazing, hearing two of the greatest men I know share our story and lead us in this night of dedication.


Photo Cred: Alex Reynolds

I’m so incredibly proud of my guy, and I know you haven’t heard me say it enough. *wink, wink*. Not only am I proud of my love but also my father-in-law, who is the hardest working man I’ve ever known and my sweet, sweet mother-in-law for joining in on this crazy adventure. Thank you for everything. And to my momma, who would be so incredibly proud of her son-in-law. As he told her on her last day with us, “It’s not how you begin that counts, it’s how well you finish.”

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Photo cred: Jana Candler

We couldn’t have even made it this far without our Anchor crew: Eddie, Adam, Sean, Alex, and Miles.

I’m beyond excited to see what The Lord will do through Anchor Bat Company. Thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown us.

V E N U E : The Davenport, Greer, SC
F O O D : Hungry Drover, Taylors, SC
S P E A K E R S : Doug Mize + John Alexander
M U S I C I A N S : Scott Norman + Dan Walker (and they let me sing with them 🙂
S O N G S : Never Once / Come and See – Matt Redman + Good Good Father – 10,000 Fathers

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