Christmas 2016

Well, we survived New York at Christmas again this year. It was a whirlwind trip trying to fit everything in just a few days. We decided this year to stay in the city for two nights and then to visit The Hamptons to see what it looks like at Christmas then to swing by to see the tree in D.C. on the way home. After this trip, we realized that we just aren’t city slickers but we did have a great time pretending. Here’s a little recap:

We visited a few of our favorite spots from last year but added a few others to this list this year. Let’s start with NYC and make our way home, shall we?

N Y C / B R O O K L Y N :


 * W H E R E   W E   S T A Y E D : Lotte New York Palace
I have to say that this was the perfect location for us, close to Rockefeller and right
in the middle of it all. It’s also, stunningly beautiful. We ranked this little gem on the
app, Hotel Tonight.


* W H E R E   W E   A T E :

  1. One of the new spots we found is the cutest little bagel shop in Brooklyn, called, The    Bagel Store (imagine that). I mean, just look at this adorable little Christmas bagel and these rainbow bagels…

2. When in NYC, we always always always end up at Dominique Ansel bakery and it never disappoints. If you remember from our post last year, this is the spot for the Cookie Shot, the Cronut and the Frozen S’mores on a stick. We still enjoyed a Cronut but we also tried the homemade Madeleines and the Blooming Hot Chocolate. I cannot get enough of this little gem.


3. Chick’n Cone in Bryant Park: Chicken in a waffle cone, what can get any better than that?

4. The Burger Joint: We found this little secret, tucked away behind a curtain in Le Parker Meridian. It almost feels like you’re breaking the rules to eat here. It’s pretty cool, super small, and a great burger if you’re in the mood for a burger. Also, while you’re there, look to the left and you may find an Anchor. IMG_1418.JPG


T H E   H A M P T O N S  :  We love visiting the Hamptons. I’ve mentioned before that we fit in there like a square peg in a round hole but it’s such a beautiful place and so much more laid back and slower pace than the city. Night and Day difference in just 90 miles. We’ve only been in the spring and summer so visiting at Christmas was beautiful.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. W H E R E  W E  S T A Y E D : Baron’s Cove in Sag HarborWe have used Priceline to stay two times in The Hamptons and both times, ended up staying at Baron’s Cove and we fell in love with this little cutie. In the Spring and Summer, it is packed with people and sailboats as far as the eye can see but in Winter, it feels as if you’re the only ones there. It is just beautiful at any time you choose to visit. Also, I am obsessed with the pom pom window treatments.

    W H E R E   W E   A T E :
    1.  The 1770 House – I won’t even lie, the only reason we ate here is beacuse I read an article where my food idol, Ina Garten, mentioned that she sometimes eats here and gets the Roasted Chicken. So, we dressed up in our finest, gave ourselves a good “talkin to” about our manners and ordered the Roasted Chicken. It was fancy and fantastic. Before we walked in the door, I said a prayer under my breath to ask The Lord to let her be at the table beside me and to help me control myself, neither of the parts of prayer happenned but the food was amazing.

2. Another favorite of ours is a little breakfast spot, Estia’s Little Kitchen. You’ve never had breakfast like this. Our favorite is The Red Plaid Flannel: egg, potato, chorizo, peppers, onions and a little bit of Heaven all scrambled together. If you visit, beware of those two little bottles beside the plate, they didn’t come from Heaven because they are both hotter than…well, you catch my drift.img_2354

W A S H I N G T O N   D . C.  : I won’t even spend a ton of time on DC because we were only there a few hours and really just to eat at our favorite spot and to see the National Christmas tree which to be honest, was a huge disappointment after seeing the tree at Rockefeller. Bless their hearts, they need to find out where to buy the tree next year.

  1. W H E R E  T O  E A T : We are obsessed with The Founding Farmers, obsessed! Please go! Please go and order the Skillet Cornbread and The Pot Roast. I dare you to go and order that, double dog dare you.

So, there you have the whirlwind tour of NYC/The Hamptons/DC. I hope you’ll visit some of these spots and let me know what you think!

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