New Season…and I don’t mean Spring.

If I could name the recent season of life I have been in, I would entitle it, “funk.” I don’t mean that good funk, like a good soulful sound, I mean, the deep dark pit kind of funk. Who knows why? I think we just go through it from time to time with no real reason but at the same time a million different reasons.

A few months ago, Matthew and I were sitting in carline and I just remember feeling so sad, just missing my mom and also feeling like I was losing myself. Sometimes, people lose themselves and they become so and so’s wife or so and so’s mom and I don’t want to become that but felt myself slipping in to it quickly. I’ve always loved working, it gave me my “adult time.” When I became allergic to working as I like to say, because I literally became allergic to my job and I couldn’t work in the salon any longer, I began on a slow journey toward’s becoming Matthew’s wife and Marli Claire’s mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love being Matthew’s wife and I love being Marli Claire’s mom but I also want to be Delecta Rollins.

With our schedule, it would be nearly impossible for me to get a nine to five job but I wanted to do something more. Around the same time that I was sitting in carline, feeling like I wasn’t good at anything in life (because when we’re low, you know how dramatic we can get), a friend reached out to see if I would be interested in managing a large business’ social media accounts. Who knew this was a thing? I mean, I run Anchor Bat Co’s social media and it has grown to over 10k followers in a short amount of time but I had no idea that other companies were in need of the same.  This was exactly what I was looking for all along but didn’t know what to look for and the timing was perfect. I could have my own gig and still be able to pick up my girl from school every day and still be able to travel with my boo. Win-Win-Win.

Social media is crucial for business these days. It’s how little leaguers and major leaguers purchase bats, it’s how we decide where we’ll eat our next meal, it’s how we decide that it’s time to get our highlights refreshed, it’s how restaurants and markets choose which farm to purchase produce from, it’s how we compare which insurance company is the right fit for our family, it’s how we decide where to play golf on vacation, it’s how we shop for everything these days. BUT, how can you manage social media and your business at the same time, you can’t because it’s two full-time jobs and no one can wear that many hats.

Matthew sat down to help me create my very own business and I am proud to introduce to you:


LAD are my mom’s initials and since she was the greatest storyteller of all time and that is exactly what I am doing, telling the story of a business, one post at a time, it was only a perfect fit. Since then, I have taken on two more accounts and I absolutely love my job. I get to take photos, create videos, come up with captions and communicate with people every day from behind my computer…this is what makes my secretly introverted heart happy.   I am only looking to add 2-3 more businesses at this time so if you read this and thought to yourself, “this is what we’re missing,” allow me to tell your story through social media.

One thought on “New Season…and I don’t mean Spring.

  1. joy bryan says:

    Yeah You!!!

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