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Monday? Where in the heck are you?

I was the master of, “I’m starting Monday…” Doesn’t Monday sound like the perfect day to start something new? A lifestyle change if you will? Well, for most people, for many different reasons, Monday never comes. For years, Monday never came for me either and it wasn’t that I didn’t want it to come, I just never made up my mind that I was ready for it to come. So much of breaking nasty habits is mental, not all of it, but a lot of it. You can do all of the right things, but if you aren’t mentally there, it won’t work. Let’s go for a walk together…

Many of you know my mom’s story but what you don’t know is what she asked us before she left. She told us that she didn’t want us to get to such an unhealthy weight that the doctors stop hearing us. She said that there is a point of obesity that most doctors stop “hearing” you, like they stop caring and leave you be. She tried for a year to get someone to listen to her that something was wrong but no one listened until it was too late and 3.5 weeks later, she was gone. Even promising her that I wouldn’t do that couldn’t stop me from heading down that road. Was I obese? No! but, I was very much headed down that path.

For a year, I attempted to comfort myself with food and when it didn’t work, I tried even harder. My whole life was built around food. If we were happy, we ate, if we were sad, we ate, if we were mad, we ate, we celebrated life with food. How do you break that when it is all you’ve ever known? I woke up one day, the heaviest I had ever been and was miserable.

I don’t know what it is, maybe the date approaching and hearing her voice asking us to take care of ourselves finally hit me. So, on the one year anniversary of my mom leaving for Heaven, I decided to invite Monday to come. It wasn’t easy at first, because when I finally ordered my 30 day system, I started thinking, “well, I’m planning to start on Monday but we have Spring Break in a couple of weeks so maybe I should start after that but then my birthday is right after Spring Break so I will start then but then a few weeks later is MC’s birthday and then our anniversary and then we’re going on vacation for a week and then to California for that thing…” Anyone relate to that? This way of thinking is what causes Monday to never show up!!! There will always be special occasions and there will always be good food, and if you are a lover of food like me, you just have to find what works for you like I did. You can enjoy those amazing foods, but you just have to learn the balance and that’s the new part for me. Back in my “dark days,” if I started trying to eat better, and had one bad meal, it was over, I would just quit. I was the epitome of a quitter but all of that has changed! I’m fueling my body with the greatest nutrition out there and feeling better than I have in years!

I want to challenge you to make a decision, whatever it is you need to change: weight loss, weight gain, attitude, showing kindness, relationship, etc., to allow Monday to show up and stay! Your Monday may not actually be a Monday, my Monday was actually a Thursday and let me tell you, it changed my life! Do I still have 10 more pounds to go, sure, but I’ve lost 30 and I’ve changed my life, transforming not only my physical appearance but also mentally and if you don’t start there, you won’t start. This is your day!!!!

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